Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Door County Conversation X Two

After looking at the watercolor for a day, I decided that I needed to break up the 3 color right edge so K will have something more to build from to paint the next panel. I also intensified the colors of the robe and changed the color of the beverage glass.
And then....
I decided to do another one using collage. I REALLY like this one. I think it needs a little more contrast, maybe paint over the white diagram area in the neck with a transparent color to bring out the design. What do you think? Cooler 1 or Cooler 2?

Monday, March 7, 2011

The begining of a conversation

I was really intrigued by the "conversations" that Jill Posby showed on her blog. Since K and I are always looking for ways to inspire each other, we decided to start some conversations of our own. K is starting one and I'm starting one. Here's my start. I think I need to make the edges a little more interesting so she has something to work from. So here you go....