Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I get bored doing the same thing, so I flip back and forth between abstracts, landscapes and people. I love all three and just go with my mood or inspiration. These are some of my works in abstract.


I'm a dog lover and two of these are mine. The golden I painted on commission. I love painting them on Yupo paper, you can really get movement and expression. It's also so unpredictable that you can't get too tight.


I've been following a few blogs, but it never dawned on me to create one until I discovered Karin Jurick's blog, I am so excited to become a part of this creative group of artists who post there work in response to her challenges. I have been painting for 10 years, and work mostly in watercolor and acrylic, but like to dabble in other media as well. I am a part of a small art group that meets weekly and the feedback from others is so helpful. This blog network is amazing!! I want your comments. I plan to tackle the next DSFDF challenge next week!