Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Door County Conversation X Two

After looking at the watercolor for a day, I decided that I needed to break up the 3 color right edge so K will have something more to build from to paint the next panel. I also intensified the colors of the robe and changed the color of the beverage glass.
And then....
I decided to do another one using collage. I REALLY like this one. I think it needs a little more contrast, maybe paint over the white diagram area in the neck with a transparent color to bring out the design. What do you think? Cooler 1 or Cooler 2?

1 comment:

  1. Both would be interesting to work with. You did add more life to the realistic one with your changes, but as you know I am more into collage and abstract right now. I like the energy in your collage piece. I love that I cannot plan what I will do until I get it in front of me and see where intuition takes me. Send both. Only you and I and Z and R will know why it's called Door County Conversation. I like that too.