Sunday, March 21, 2010


Alice Thompson, one of my fellow artsts who follows Different Strokes fromDifferent Folks blog has started an alternate artist challenge called Calypso Moon Artist Movement. This challenge was to select 2 objects that represent something we collect. Since I took a pottery class in college, I have been awed by the skill and artistry of potters. It's one of those things that is easier said than done!! So since that time I have collected handmade pottery from around the country. Whenever we are in different cities we visit art fairs, art galleries and art festivals and collect pieces. As the collection has grown we have become more selective about the pieces. First they were just cool, small utilitarian pieces, but as my space has become more limited we have only purchased pieces that relect true artistry and unique style. The larger round piece here, is by Bob Smith and we bought it in Boulder Colorado. it is a huge raku piece. The tea pot was purchased in Nashville Indiana, a small community outside of Bloomington where the streets are lined with art galleries and hand made specialty shops.

So, thanks, Alice, for starting this blog and challenge! Look forward to the next one


  1. I like your choice of collectors items. The raku piece is very futuristic looking...interesting. The pieces complement each other. Well done.

  2. Connie, I'm happy to see an artist support and appreciate other artists financially whenever they can. It will always come back around. I have a number of Raku pieces as well and fully understand the awe you have for potters. Thank you for joining the crew.

  3. Interesting pieces of pottery. I agree with Lokelani on the complementary line.
    Your choice of colors is as well.
    I love seeing the what and why of the challenge.

    Nice to meet you!