Monday, December 14, 2009

Artist Portrait Challenge

12x12 Acrylic on canvas

The end of the year challenge on the Different Strokes from Different Folks blog is for the participating artists to paint each other anonymously. Here's the photo Karin Jurick sent me, and this lovely lady is painting me!. It's been a lot of fun, and I hope she likes the resemblence. As I was studying her she made me think of Mona Lisa, that glance to her left, and the little hidden knowledge in her look. Am I crazy? Well, that pensive look is what I tried to capture in the painting.
Now on to Christmas shopping, decorating and preparing the house for the holiday guests.
Happy Holidays to everyone!.


  1. Connie, nice to see the comparison of the painting and the photo. You did a great job of capturing the feeling, good entry!

  2. Thanks, Ann for your comments. I did try to get her soul as well as her likeness. She looks like she had a black eye and I was worried about her. There wasn't a lot of contrast to work with either, which also made it a difficult reference.
    Karin, I was just lamenting that I didn't have as many comments as some of the other artists, but you made my day. I respect your opinion and appreciate your taking a few moments from your busy schedule to comment. I know you don't do that often. I really took the challenge to heart and tried to get her spirit. Thanks for creating this opportunity for us and for your kind words !! Connie

  3. Great job on your DSFDF . I love the comparison with the Mona Lisa.

  4. she looks very wise... you did a great job capturing her likeness. well done!

  5. Great job! You captured the likeness and that Mona Lisa smile perfectly. Love your loose style as well.

  6. Thanks Dominique, Tracie and Gwen. I particularly love this challenge and appreciate your dropping by and leaving the nice comments.

  7. Hi Connie,
    Love the portrait! Great resemblance. Everyone who sees it in my studio at the Foundry knows who it is. What a great surprise the day after Christmas. Thank you so much.
    I'd like to send you your portrait after entering it into a few competitions in the coming year, if you don't mind. The return address on the envelope was a business address. Is that the address that I should send yours to?
    PS.. Don't worry about me, LOL! I don't really have a black eye. I just have old, fat, puffy, white eyelids (like my grandma) and that's eyeshadow that is supposed to minimize them. Nothing a little plastic surgery can't fix! Maybe next year for my birthday.

  8. Hi the portrait and love how you compared the look to the mona lisa! good job! I painted in Karin's challenge too and have a fun idea i'd like to tell you about. If you would contact me via email, I'd appreciate it. Jill Polsby