Monday, March 30, 2009

Bay Watch

Here's my painting for Karin Jurick's current challenge on My first attempt was more literal to the reference photo. It was ok, but not too interesting. So I decided to start again with a little different perspective on the scene and zoomed in on the female figure and put her on alert at the beach. Whether she's a life guard or just a mom watching out for the kids, I don't know. Technically, I still need to do some work. Ithink it could use more contrast and depth of colors, so I might come back and make her bathing suit a deeper color and also make her head a little bigger. After putting it down for a day or two, I can see where it can be improved, but over all I really like the composition and it gives the painting a little more of a story.


  1. Great job on both, but I really love your second one--it's wonderful how you framed the little girl in the woman's arm! I love all the runbacks in the bathing suit and skin. Very nice!

  2. Thanks, Laura and Dominique. I had fun trying to get a unique composition from the figures! It's fun to see all the different versions.